What is Towpath?

Towpath is a company that specializes in creating a steam-cured, pulled-in-place, fiberglass and epoxy no-dig pipe repair system. Towpath can perform a vast array of repairs without any excavation.

Does an access pit need to be dug?

No. For a 4-to-6-inch (100mm to 150mm) transition, a 3-inch clean out is enough for us to make the repair.

Is this a foundation drain solution?

No. Towpath takes pride in the fact that they are a no-dig repair system.

Does the pipe need to be clean?

Yes. Since it is a pulled-in-place liner that is put inside the new pipe, anything that was there will stay trapped between the liner and host pipe for the duration of the pipe.

What sizes can Towpath repair?

It can repair circular pipes from 2 to 48 inches (50 to 1200 mm) in diameter.

Why fiberglass and epoxy?

Fiberglass and epoxy composites are very strong materials. We are able to produce a very thin repair that exceeds the ASTM (American Standards for Testing Materials) requirements. This helps in that the lined pipe will not lose much of it's capacity, but will still be very thin.

Why use steam cure?

Steam cure allows for better quality control and less working time. Installers are able to prepare the liner without any rush. You'll be surprised that in 45 minutes to an hour you'll have a completely cured liner ready for use.

Can a connection be lined by Towpath?

Yes. We can line a T or Y connection with a branch going from 4 to 8 inches (100 to 200mm) and a main line from 4 to 24 inches (100 to 600mm) in size.

Do I need a direct access to pull?

No. When you are performing a lateral repair, a clean out is used as an insertion point and a downstream manhole is used to pull the repair. There is no need for the pulling access to be in line with the lateral, making use of the manhole possible. However, there is a need for two access points - one before the repair and one after.

Can I install the product myself?

No. The system is one that requires specialized equipment. If you need the technology installed at your house, just give us a call!